Your Basement:  Take Your Imagination Downstairs

Many homeowners will tell you what a drab, dreary, uninteresting place an unfinished basement can be; a place where you’d hardly want to spend much time unless you’re doing the laundry or storing things that there’s no place for elsewhere.  But in Chicago IL basement remodeling companies can make a basement the most livable place in the house.

Chicago IL basement remodeling

A basement can be a second living room, spacious and inviting, or a comfortable spare bedroom.  It may have a fireplace or an area to play games.  You can put in stone walls and give it a full-service bar.  Install creative lighting.  Put in bookshelves.  Make it a media center or a home theatre with actual theatre seats.  Tile or hard wood flooring, or plush carpeting, complete the picture.  There’s no end to what you can do in a basement.  Put in a pool table, a big-screen TV, a full bath, an office.  Exercise buffs can make the basement a home gym with all the equipment they need.  Turn it into a play area for the kids.  The basement of one home is actually a basketball court; another, a miniature golf course.  One family even put in a teepee and made the basement a pretend campsite.  Whatever kind of space you can imagine, the basement can become.  It doesn’t have to be a dusty, dreary, musty place at all.  You can do anything with it. 

The only limits to what a basement can become are your imagination and your budget.  Consult with a residential construction company for all your needs.  They can cover everything from all-new construction to complete remodeling of an existing space, with custom plans and layouts tailored to your, and your family’s, specific needs and interests.  It’s all about making your house a home you can really enjoy.