How Will 5G Impact Tech Products?

The past 10 to 20 years have seen incredible breakthroughs where internet speed is concerned. Ten years ago, it took ages for a single web page to load on a mobile device. Now it happens in seconds. With 5G, a 10GB movie will download onto your phone in less than ten seconds.

And while those speeds are exciting for internet users, 5G will bring so much more into the world. It will allow existing tech to become mainstream, and it will help new ideas reach the development phase.

Autonomous Cars

Latency and signal strength are massive issues for autonomous cars right now. Even in countries like the United States, there are so many areas where signal strength dwindles, and latency becomes an issue. When broadband power dividers and the bigger infrastructure surrounding mobile networks improves, 5G will become a reality.

broadband power dividers

Then it will be possible to make autonomous cars part of the mainstream, as they can communicate with each other, access traffic data, learn about accidents and get other information instantly and with no interruptions.

Healthcare Technology

Healthcare has already seen so many benefits from tech, but 5G will amplify that by a 100. Companies are already working on 3D CAT scans, robotic surgeries, and other life-saving technological advancements. With 5G, sending extensive data anywhere in the country will take seconds, and that will change the way doctors and surgeons help patients.

Cloud Robots

With 5G, someone could put on a virtual reality headset and control a machine that is 100s of feet away, or on the other end of the planet. Latency is wiped out, and information is sent so quickly that whoever is wearing the headset can control the machine in real time, with no lag or performance issues whatsoever.

These advancements may seem farfetched, but they are within touching distance. All they need is for the world’s developed countries to start building their 5G infrastructure.