How Much Does it Cost to Install a Chimney Liner?

If there is a fireplace in use at your home, installing a chimney liner is recommended. This liner is a great source of protection against fire and other damages, but it also helps improve comfort and cleanliness in the house. But, the costs of chimney liner installation prince George’s county MD are of concern to any homeowner considering the job. How much money should you expect to fork over to install a liner?

There are a few factors that determine the cost of installation. This includes the company selected for the job, the liner material selected, the size of the chimney, and if there is additional damage or work that is necessary to make the installation. The easiest way to ensure the best rates for the job is to compare costs. It is easy and free to request estimates from leading companies in the area to determine firsthand where the best prices are found.

On average, homeowners in the area spend $3,000 – $6,000 to install the liner into their chimney. Again, this is only average price and the factors above (and others) ultimately determine the rates that you will pay for the service. Chimneys that are not well-maintained and are in poor condition cost more than the average install.

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Do not attempt to install your own chimney liner in efforts to save money. DIY is a good idea for many projects around the home. This is not one of those projects. Attempting to install your own liner can be more trouble than it is worth, and there are many safety concerns that put you at-risk. There are many other jobs that you can tackle, but leave this one to the pros. The minimal expense for the install is well worth hiring a professional.